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Map Out a Plan of Action


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Create a simple Landing Page with a description of the course and offering a 50% discount . Example Twitter Expert Course . Make the landing known to your subscriber list with Email Marketing . Spread it on Social Networks. Do some advertising campaign on Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Ads, etc. if you think it convenient (remember that you are setting up a business and therefore you have to invest.

Evaluate the interest there is in the courses in a minimum period of one week. If 30 people give you their email because they are interested, it calculates that between 1% and 10% will pay. Also assess the price phone number list you will put on your courses . Decide which educational platform you are going to use. Below is a list of options. Write in a Word or with Google Docs the sequence of modules and lessons .

Use your own experience to follow a logical sequence of learning. Start recording the tutorials with Screencast-o-matic and writing the appropriate notes for each lesson. Create a minimum of 10 videos to be able to launch . Evaluate if you want to launch lessons every week or you are going to publish all at once. Create a private Facebook group so that students can interact and resolve any doubts, although ideally they should send you an email and resolve the doubt in another video or in a text that accompanies the lesson.

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