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Found 4 results

  1. How to publish posts on LinkedIn Now that you are clear about your objectives, it is time to learn how to publish or share content on LinkedIn. Follow these simple steps: Sign in to LinkedIn. On the “Home” screen, click “Create Post.” Select who can see your post (anyone, anyone and twitter, contacts and group members only). Click on “save”. Write the copy or text. Add a photo, video, document... by clicking on the three dots. Click "Done." If you have added a document, click the “back” button. Click on “Add hashtag” Choose who can comment by clicking on “anyone”. Click the “publish” button. Ready! You just shared your first post on LinkedIn . You will see how easy it is to share content on this social network. 8 Content Ideas to Publish on LinkedIn You already know how to share posts on LinkedIn . Now you may be wondering: – “But, what do I Iceland Phone Number List publish on LinkedIn? ” It is the typical question that arises when starting a new social network. Perhaps on LinkedIn that doubt is greater due to it being a professional network. Some people have told me that they prefer not to post on LinkedIn so as not to screw up. I tell them that it is a serious mistake to do this, because their profile will be invisible. But the fear of making a mistake is not the only factor that stops us from publishing content. It also happens that sometimes you don't know what to upload. To avoid this, here are a series of content ideas and tips. Articles from others At first we all find it difficult to upload our own posts on LinkedIn . Therefore, you can start by publishing articles from third parties. Share with your community news about developments in your sector. Also spread blog posts related to your work. This way, your profile will be active and you will gain confidence. You will see that the first recommendations do not take long to arrive. Images Have you attended a conference or conference about your sector? Post photos of the event on LinkedIn. Accompany them with a text summarizing what the event consisted of, for example. Have you been given an award or received any recognition? Upload a couple of photos with your prize and the organizers and write a copy saying thank you. This type of content awakens users' interest in your profile. You will see that visits to your profile increase. Videos The videos are very well received on the platform, generating greater engagement. Posting short videos on LinkedIn explaining who you are and what you do can be a great idea . The community will see who you are and it is a way to humanize your brand. Dare to create an Elevator Pitch to sell yourself. Likewise, upload videos that you think might be interesting to users.
  2. These types of posts are great for those times when your inspiration runs low. Create content in which you give tips about your sector for this time of year. For example, if you are a pharmacy you can give tips on how to care for your skin in summer or how to apply sunscreen correctly. Team vacation photos Why not post photos of the team on vacation? More and more companies are joining this trend. It is a way to connect with users and humanize your brand. Tell your team members to take a couple of fun Instagram photos from their vacation spot. Advice Select the best photos and make a collage or carousel with the photos your team sends you. Movies to watch in summer Summer is a perfect time to watch those movies we have pending. I'm sure your community does too. Make a post for Instagram recommending films to watch this summer. In the description or caption of the post, invite them to leave theirs. You will see how the interactions go up. Book recommendation for summer I have Iceland Phone Number List previously talked to you about movies, well you can also create a publication recommending readings for this summer. Make a list of those that have impacted you the most. When creating posts for Instagram, take into account the interests of your audience. Instagram posts with white space Without a doubt, summer is the perfect time to interact with users and get to know them better. A good way to do this is by creating Instagram posts with white space. Design photographs in which you leave phrases with empty spaces for your followers to fill in. Here are some examples: “For me, summer is not summer without.” “My favorite drink to cool down is If I could go on vacation this summer, I would go to The first thing on my summer wish list is My favorite ice cream is A few days ago I published a post like this. Look at the number of comments I have received (Click on the image to see it on Instagram). Photos of customers using your products in summer Do you want more original ideas? Well, another is to ask your clients to send you photos using one of your products in summer. In this way, you will make a publication showing your product and, also, placing a real testimonial. This way you will be able to generate more confidence. Recommend places to visit in your city Do you have a local business? Yeah? Well, make posts for Instagram in summer recommending places to visit in your city or town. Surely there are spectacular corners where you can rest and sunbathe peacefully. Upload a couple of photographs of that place and encourage users to visit them on their vacation. Instagram posts with fun questions I told you before about filling in spaces, well here you have another version that also works.
  3. You can buy search engine optimization with a card on the website: SEO promotion S $399 Buy now Amount of work: small SEO optimizers working on your project: 2 Optimized URLs for search queries: all Promoted search terms in search: all Get an offer SEO promotion M $599 Buy now Workload: medium SEO optimizers working on your project: 3 Optimized URLs for search queries: all Promoted search terms in search: all Get an offer SEO promotion L from $1,199 Buy now Amount of work: large SEO optimizers working on your project: 6 Optimized URLs for search queries: all Promoted search terms in search: all Get an offer Page content: "Promotion and search engine optimization of pictures (images and photos) for Google and Yandex" Image optimization Alt tag for images How to optimize the Alt attribute (tag). Title picture, image or photo How to Phone Number List Optimize the Title Attribute for Images Originality and uniqueness of the image Service for checking the uniqueness of images Extension and name of the image file How to promote pictures Optimizing images for search engines is very important when promoting your website. Firstly, this is additional traffic, and traffic is always good. Secondly, this is a big plus for website promotion and sales. Sometimes some people look for a product using image search on Google and Yandex, and when they find the right picture (product), they go to the site and place an order. Visits when searching for images are very rarely converted into conversions , because... Basically, images are searched for in order to “steal” them to their website or use them as advertising, for example. But in any case, this is traffic , and not direct, but search traffic, which is also very important. More impressions, more clicks - a plus for the behavioral factors of the site. And good behavioral factors have an impact on the ranking of a site in search; your queries will, even without website promotion, slowly move to the top of search engines. Receive an offer by email: Enter your name * Enter Phone * Enter Email * Insert Link * What services should I calculate and send? 5000 maximum characters Send This is how images are shown in a custom search on Google: And this is how images are shown when searching on Google for images: Pictures for a custom search in Yandex look like this: This is how we see images displayed in Yandex when searching by images: Image optimization Sometimes images in search results are shown in the TOP 3 of Google and Yandex, and the chances of being noticed increase significantly.
  4. Read an interesting article: Relevant site information and page relevance - what is it and how to make a page relevant to keywords Make sure that the article has a topic and solves some problem or problem for the user. You should be useful and add value with your articles. 9. Watch out for spam If you overdo it with keywords, then your text runs the risk of being spammed. The more keywords you have, the longer the article should be. Spam content is the ratio of the number of keywords to the number of all words within one text. Keep in mind that spammy text will not only be poorly perceived by readers, but also risks being penalized by search engines. An acceptable spam indicator is considered to be no higher than 60%. We recommend that you fit into these frameworks so as not to fall under search engine filters. You can check spam in the same services that Phone Number List checked the uniqueness of the text, for example, Text.ru, Content Watch, Advego. 10. Get your article linked to. People will link to a good article published in a reputable source. If your site publishes decent content, but you have few views, then you need to tell people about yourself. This is where a content marketing tool will come to your aid, namely the exchange of links to materials. You can collect a list of sites that suit your topic and agree to link your resources as we described in point 2, only this time you will use external links. Let's say there is an article on some resource about the stages of website optimization, and image optimization is briefly mentioned there . If your site has a good article on this topic, you can offer the site owner to link to you, and in exchange choose an article that you could link to in your text. This way you will exchange readers, receive additional traffic, as well as additional link juice. It is likely that this will also allow you to bring potential clients to your site. Remember that the quality of links is much more important than their quantity, so you should not post on dubious resources that will not bring you any benefit. Let's sum it up In this article, we talked about the key points when optimizing your website's articles for search engines and for readers. Remember that it is equally important to consider both people and robots to get the best results. You should pay attention to the following elements: Uniqueness of the text. Internal links. Image optimization. Structure of the article. Keywords. Meta tags. URL. Title and description meta tags. Relevance of the text to the stated topic. Spam. External links. You should check your texts for compliance with all ten elements that we talked about in this article. In addition, you can check your old articles and further optimize them to get even more traffic.
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