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Inconvenient Truths About Lead Capture


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Lead capture is the main concern of marketing professionals and managers – according to themselves. When asked about their yearly goals for the State of Marketing survey (HubSpot), the most common response, with around 35% of respondents agreeing, was that the priority is to generate qualified leads . Capturing qualified leads is essential for sales results and here on the blog we already have a lot of content on the topic. Today, we're going to cover some details about this process that not everyone tells you, because they are not exactly what you want to hear. 

So gather all your courage and continue reading the post Go straight to the point Read the 7 Inconvenient Truths What is lead capture? Generating new C Level Executive List leads is directly related to generating business and expanding opportunities for your company's marketing and commercial areas. Lead generation allows companies to gain personal information from people who are potential customers. And best of all, in a way that this data is made available by the consumer himself, thus creating a bond of trust and relationship between person and brand. 

How to capture leads When someone leaves a contact with your company, it shows an interest in something you are offering. But this does not always mean that this consumer is ready to make a purchase. Therefore, it is necessary to create hooks and capture offers thinking about different moments of the marketing and sales funnel , so that consumers with different levels of purchase maturity are interested in providing contact for you. Also read: Lead generation: what is it and how to generate qualified leads? Lead capture can be done through many tools.

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