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Important Metrics & Definitions in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)


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The data model of GA4 Universal Analytics is session-centric  Google Analytics 4 is user-centric. To better understand the new Google Analytics 4, it's helpful to talk about the limitations and problems of Universal Analytics (UA). The Universal Analytics data model is based on three levels, GA4 on two levels. Universal Analytics data model: A user (1) makes sessions (2) and within the sessions hits (3). The hits in turn are broken down into pageview, event, transaction, social, exception or timing hits. Most analytics in UA are session-based. Many UA users have always criticized that users convert and not sessions. 

Google Analytics 4 data model A user Job Function Email Database makes events (events) For many users of Universal Analytics the challenge is not really obvious, but at the latest when you create your first custom dimension, such as the author of a blog article, in UA, you have to deal with the topic of scope in Universal Analytics. If you want to know what Scope is all about, I recommend Michaela 's blog post , a very good blog post by bounteous or the classic blog post by Avinsah Kaushik All events: The data model of Google Analytics 4 versus Universal Analytics What does a user mean in GA4? A user in Google Analytics 4 is an active user In Universal Analytics , the number of users equals the number of unique client IDs. 

Technically the client ID stands for a unique browser/device combination. There is also a client ID in GA4. Here in this example you can see my client ID on a GA4 integration. The client ID in GA4 to identify a user In Google Analytics 4 there is an additional limitation. A user as stated in the reports is an "active user". An "active user" is defined as follows: Definition of (active) user: All users (client IDs) for which the parameter Where can I find this information in GA4?: You can find this parameter in the real-time reportYou can now see the times here in the parameter, measured in milliseconds. This metric is then the calculation basis for further definitions. Google help for GA4: You can find more about this here This is the  parameter in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to identify an active user New user definition: A new user is one who triggered the _fv: First Visit parameter when they first entered. 

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