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Windows 11 users are finding that the company is now showing advertisements in the Start menu

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If you're someone who has previously been irritated by Microsoft displaying ads in Windows, prepare to roll your eyes, gnash your teeth and howl in anguish. Windows 11 users are finding that the company is now showing advertisements in the Start menu.

The screenshots show that Microsoft promotes the OneDrive file hosting service and prods users to create or complete their Microsoft accounts.

Those reacting to this on social media had an adverse reaction to Redmond's decision to display promotional messages in the start menu.

Microsoft pushing people to use its services is not a big deal, but the way in which it chooses to advertise to its users is baffling. Apple is currently finding new ways to flood the App Store with ads, but at least that’s actually a storefront. Meanwhile, if Apple told users to sign up for iCloud every time they powered off their iPhones, the internet would go ballistic. Why in the world does Microsoft think this is going to fly with Windows users?

While it could be argued that this is hardly a prominent, in-your-face position for advertisements, the fact that Microsoft is using Windows 11 as a vehicle for advertising has irked many people.

In line with what the company has done previously, it appears that -- as suggested by Bleeping Computer -- Microsoft is conducting A/B testing as not everyone is currently seeing the ads.

The good news is that this appears to be in the testing phase, as I’m not seeing the ads on my personal Windows 11 machine. We can only hope that the response from those who are seeing the ads is universally negative so that Microsoft doesn’t decide to roll them out more widely. We’ll keep an eye out for any updates in the meantime. We did see the iCloud Photos integration is rolling out on Windows 11 also.

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