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Focus on the Market for Mobile Application Developers


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Much has been said on our blog about mobile app development. Today, our goal is to tell you more about what the job of an app developer looks like based on the results of the State of Mobile App Developers study conducted by InMobi in 2015. More than a thousand experts in mobile applications took part around the world. It is clear that the market for mobile applications is still young and growing continuously. The data on activity in 2015 clearly shows this, and the first five months of 2016 only confirm this trend. Want to Create an Application? Tell Us About Your Project 1. Mobile application developer: Which profile? An average app developer is a 33-year-old male.

Respondents are between 23 and 34 years old. It should be noted that the youngest professionals come from the Asia-Pacific region. The study shows that there is still a lot of room for women in this profession, which until now has been reserved mainly for men. Only 6% of respondents are Fax List women, but this figure varies by country. Thus, it reaches 11% in the United States and 3% in Europe. Mobile application developer study The type of employment contract: freelance application developer or development company? The mobile application sector is relatively young. While development companies are still in the growth phase, a large majority of developers work as freelancers. 

Thus while waiting for the market to mature the development of applications seems to be a favorite field for SMEs. Only 8% of companies that participated in the survey have 20 or more employees. 2. What types of apps were created the most Whether in the United States, Europe or anywhere else in the world, games top the most developed mobile application categories. Being both the most widely used and the most profitable, they represent 41% of all applications made in 2015. In second place, and without standing out too much from games, are applications for entertainment. They account for 32% of all apps created in the past year. At the other end of the list, there are in particular enterprise applications which only account for 8% of the total.

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